Neil King

Neil King

Web Design, Programming and Creative Services

I specialise in building online/web applications and stand-alone software. This includes building & looking after Linux servers, building and maintaining websites and other creative work. I have built myself a strong reputation in the industry for problem solving and have both creative and technical skills. My 20 years of experience in Further Education enables me to explain complex, technical instructions in an easy-to-understand way.

I undertake freelance design, programming & IT work directly, and also for intermediate companies on a consultancy basis.

Project Spotlight: File Portal

File Portal - cloud based file delivery

Do you need to provides files, reports or other digital content for your clients/customers to download? In collaboration with Akumenta, we have created a system that can give your business that secure, professional delivery mechanism at a fraction of the expected cost.

  • Create and manage logins for each of your clients.
  • Unlimited number of client logins (without paying per user).
  • Secure - All access is via HTTPS (2048bit SHA-256 with RSA encryption). Clients can only access files you have uploaded for them.
  • Logs how many times your clients have downloaded a file and when.
  • Set expiry dates on files so they are automatically removed after a particular date.
  • Upload entire folders, subfolders and files in one go, keeping their structure intact.
  • Interface can be branded with your logo, designed and coloured to match your existing website for that professional look.
  • 100GB of storage space (with automatic daily backups), 1000GB of bandwidth per month, and a domain name (if required) included.
  • Source code created and maintained by us so we have full control to change and adapt it to meet your business needs.
  • NEW: Video files can now be streamed to your clients.
    NEW: Search facility added to easily find files.

Standard pricing is:

300 one-off set up fee
49 per month
(paid annually)

If this sounds like something that might interest you, please contact me below for more information or a demo.

+ Web Sites

I have been creating websites since the early days of the World Wide Web. My software has driven the back end of many websites for all kinds of industries, including completely custom shopping systems, as well as themes and plugins to extend content management systems like Wordpress. Below are just a few examples of the many sites I have built.

Statistics 24

Statistics 24 Limited

Statistics 24 works with Google Apps (G-Suite) allowing users and organisations to run detailed reports on usage. It combines a browser extension with a powerful custom cloud-based reporting system all written from scratch using PHP, MySQL and JavaScript.

Staffs Army Cadets Friends

Friends of Staffordshire & West Midlands (North Sector) Army Cadet Force Trust

The Staffs Army Cadets Friends are a registered charity that supports The Staffordshire & West Midlands (North Sector) Army Cadet Force. The Army Cadet Force is one of the UK’s oldest, largest and most successful youth organisations. For ease of management the site uses the Wordpress CMS but with a completely custom built theme and several custom plugins.

Staffs Army Cadets Friends


WorldByDesign is used to promote my own mobile games and apps. Starting as a hobbiest game programmer around the age of 10 years old, I have experience of writing software for many computer and video game systems, from old 8 bit home computers right up to modern mobile, PC and consoles plus browser based games. The site is based on the Wordpress CMS with a completely custom theme and custom plugins.

+ Programming

Having released several commercial pieces of software on various platforms, including mobile devices and cloud based systems, I am experienced in creating native apps, web based applications, games & browser plugins and have extensive computer hardware knowledge. I can code in many languages including PHP, JavaScript, C++, Delphi, C, Java, etc. Applications have been developed for sectors including education, automotive, child safety, medical and gaming.

My own web CMS (content management system) has been used by schools & other organisations, and my eCommerce system has been used by several businesses to sell items, look after stock control and take payments via various payment gateways.

I write custom plugins and themes for CMS systems including Wordpress, and browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Staffs Army Cadets Friends

Statistics 24

As co-founder of Statistics 24 Limited, it combines a cloud based report generating system and web browser plugins for Chrome, Firefox and MS Edge on Chromebooks, Windows and Mac's - all written by myself. Used mostly by educational establishments it monitors the usage of Google's G-Suite providing an unprecedented insight into what learners have been working on and for how long, no matter where they have been based.

In 2017 I was invited to speak on stage at the BETT Show in London (the World's biggest education technology show) about Statistics 24 which was received incredibly well.

Staffs Army Cadets Friends


SafeSearchLock was a Windows safety application to turn on, and lock on, the safest family-friendly filters for all the major search engines and other online content prividers. Supported sites included Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Ask Jeeves, Flickr and many more.

Customers included schools, churches, charities and households in over 20 countries.

Wordpress Plugins

As well as completely custom themes for the Wordpress content management system, I have also created many custom plugins to perform specialised functions or add extra features. Examples of some of the many plugins I have created for various organisations include:

eCommerce plugin - This allows people to run a shop via their Wordpress website. Features include looking after stock levels, product availability, shipping, take orders, and take payments via PayPal.

Banner plugins - These allow the easy management of banner images and videos that appear at the top of web pages.

Course plugins - These allow the importing of course information from external systems, display the course details and categorise them into subject areas. Visitors can enrol for courses online, pay for them and have their details pushed through to an external student records system. I have also added features such as a neural net which learns and suggests other courses that might be of interest to visitors.

Events plugin - A plugin to manage events and display a diary.

Forms plugins - These allow the creation of custom web forms which can email the completed forms to recipients and/or store them in a database to be downloaded as a spreadsheet later on.

Job Vacancy plugin - A plugin to manage and display job vacancies with an automated expiry mechanism.

... and many more.

+ Design Work

As well as web design, I enjoy graphic design and have several published pieces of work including book covers and t-shirts. I have designed countless posters and printed materials plus online banners and social media adverts.

I also create animations, illustrations, artwork, videos and other creative media. Some examples of my work are below.

Book Covers

Electronic Surveillance Devices book Hands On DarkBASIC Pro book


Google event poster Google Cloud poster Data Security poster English promo poster Maths promo poster


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